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I have been creating paintings and drawings for as long as I can remember. It is a pursuit from which I have derived much happiness.

I have gone through many transformations as an artist. When once my goal was to replicate what I saw through painting and drawing, it gradually moved into learning specific techniques as I grew older. I practiced for hours, referring to instruction books and studying the world around me. I have been blessed to experience expansion and growth through the patient teaching of some wonderful artists in the form of classes, workshops, summer courses, University and College and studying the lives of some favored painters.

I am most inspired by Rembrandt and his use of colors and a technique called Chairoscuro, which is a bringing out of a subject from shadow into light. The high contrast between light and dark create dramatic effects and intense visuals.

I spent many years as a commission portrait artist and drawing portraits on the spot at numerous festivals, art events and special events throughout Canada and the U.S.

“A spiritual direction has been a guiding force in the last few years and I now create inspirations from within and continue to do portraits and representational work and commissions.”


Phone: (780) 488-8375

Email: sahhara@sahhara.com

Edmonton Alberta Canada